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TDTU welcomes international students to study at TDTU from the minimum duration of 2 weeks until 1 academic year under Academic Exchange Programs. Students signing up this program will be able to join classes (in all fields provided by TDTU) taught in English and transfer credits back to their home university. Students also have chance to enjoy a real Vietnamese campus life and widen their understanding about our culture and people.

Below is the list of courses available:

1. Courses offered:
•    Molecular Cell Biology (details)
•    Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory (details)
•    Chemistry A (details)
•    Genetic Laboratory (details)
•    Evolutionary and Phsyciology Ecology  (details)
 2. Contact email & contact telephone number
- Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Contact telephone number: (+84)0837755058
 3. Fees
 4. FAQ


Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory

1. Course Description: Provides the knowledge, techniques, basic image of cell biology, a whole new research knowledge through simulation experiments. Specifically includes the following issues:

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Molecular Cell Biology

1. Course Description: Introduction of the concept of molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, and genetic engineering to biotechnology students. Concerned with the basic characteristics of all life.  The way in which the genetic code controls these processes depends on a great extent on the structure and function of cell components, and cell biology is a major component of the course. The topics include introduction to cell, organelles and cytoskeleton, DNA replication, transcription and translation, control of gene expression, membrane structure and transport, cell communication, cell cycle control, cell death, protein structure and function, enzyme catalysis, kinetics, inhibition, & control, glycolysis and gluconeogenesis, pentose phosphate pathway, citric acid cycle, ATP production and electron transport/oxidative phosphorylation

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Genetic Laboratory

1. Course Description: This course introduces the history, perspectives and methods of genetic studies, explains about the law of heredity and variation, genetic information and mechanisms at both cellular and molecular level. 

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Evolutionary and Phsyciology Ecology

1. Course Description: An introduction and explanation to the origin of life and the evolution of Darwin’s population. It covers the introduction of the mutual relationship between living organisms and their environment; the interaction within and between populations, ecological energy, ecological physiology through evolutionary change, adaptation and natural selection have been covered also 

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