Ton Duc Thang University Traditional Festival TDTU DAY 09.24.2016

On 24/09/2016, Ton Duc Thang University welcomed nearly 10,000 alumni students to attend the traditional festival "TDTU DAY" and the university 19-year anniversary (24 / 09/1997 - 24/09/2016). The festival was held full of interesting activities, including Teambuilding Activity "TDTU RACE"; Interaction with business and successful alumni; TDTU fair; Running colors "COLOR RUN TDT" and freshmen greeting Gala "TDTU! WE ARE ONE ".

The Faculty of Applied Sciences events took place very lively and boisterous, bearing the characteristic color of the Faculty to welcome the new students. The Faculty sale booth featured a variety of student-made products such as those of D2O club and the nursery-mushroom club. The meaningful success of the festival could not be made possible without the wonderful preparation of the Youth Union Association as well as the enthusiastic participation of the lecturers and all of the students.
Different activities, different people and different characters yet all together created a colorful and creative festival "TDTU DAY", which proved to be a useful playground for students to promote their dynamism, bravery, spirit of competition and learning and also to tighten the solidarity between generations of TDTU students. Ultimately, the festival helped form the pride of being a part of TDTU inside each student and hence encourage them to strive to learn, practice and perfect themselves to deserve with the tradition of TDTU.
Photos taken during the festival:

Student’s activities -Faculty of Applied Sciences-TDTU

The Faculty sale booth featured a variety of student-made products

Student’s Food Booth

FAS’s lecturer in freshmen greeting Gala "TDTU! WE ARE ONE ".

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Traditional festival "TDTU DAY" feed

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