Graduate Programs

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Program seeks to provide a comprehensive and rigorous education for our graduate students, and has a dual mission:

Education. Our program seeks to produce chemical engineers who will contribute to the chemical and materials engineering industries. We seek a balanced approach that emphasizes both the fundamental principles of chemical engineering and the practical skills needed to succeed in the workplace. The training program will provide Master students knowledge and skills to improve, in order to equip them ability to research or become to be a lecture at university. Our aim is to enable each graduate to continue learning and developing throughout an extended career in our changing and rapidly developing technological environment.

Research. The training program is built on research in new and exciting directions while supporting their personal research interests. Graduate students study and enhance the in-depth industry knowledge in the field of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical technology. Based on this knowledge, graduate students have to finish a Master thesis in at least six months. Our program seeks to develop innovative science and technology that addresses the needs of industry, the scientific community, and society. We transfer our research through our graduates, industrial affiliations, publications and public presentations.


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