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TDTU Crystal growing competition is organised by Faculty of Applied Sciences in order to provide high school student, undergraduates and teacher a fun and exciting time with sciences.
Crystals are everywhere. Sugar and salt are crystals, whereas cellphone screens and LCD computer have many tiny crystals inside. Growing salt crystals is a fun and easy science project for students and a great way to understant the science of salt.

The competition has 2 rounds:
Round 1: The teams grow their own crystal in 3 months and then they submit it to the committee members.
Round 2: Crytals which are qualified at round 1 are decorated. Students present and explaint the meaning of decorative crystal to the audience.
The competition attracted so many students from high schools in Ho Chi Minh city and neighbor provinces. Besides, FAS student also show their highly enthusiastic with this competition that is annually organised by D2O club.
Some of photos:


TDTU Crystal growing competition_2017

The candidates present their products…

A crystal product of high school student.

FAS Lecturers and the winners

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Summer Labwork In Taiwan feed

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